Proove Biosciences, Inc., the commercial and research leader in personalized pain medicine, is excited to announce the expansion of its salesforce. Building on record growth, Proove Biosciences is expanding its network of authorized distributors and independent sales representatives across the United States. The expansion underscores the company’s steady rise to prominence during a challenging economic environment. Founded in 2009, Proove Biosciences quickly emerged as a leader in precision medicine, opening offices in both Maryland and California. “Over the past six years, many companies attempted to provide offer just one of our tests –- drug metabolism genetic testing—only to have gone out of business shortly thereafter,”says Brian Meshkin, CEO at Proove Biosciences. “We are proud that Proove is the only company with a portfolio of patented testing which that identifies patient pain sensitivity and risk for opioid abuse to stand the test of time while delivering ongoing value for patients and doctors.”

Independent Sales Representatives Drive Growth
Proove Biosciences started with a team of independent sales representatives more than six years ago—and many representatives have grown with the company. In 2012, the organization started its first expansion of independent sales representatives, which included the company’s first distributor—Joe Matthews. Matthews was an Ohio-based sales executive with 15 years of medical device and compression therapy experience. In a short time, Mathews built a team of six independent sales representatives across the nation, providing guidance that allowed each person on his to team to earn six figures annually. “It is all about just going to work and making it happen,” says Matthews. “There is such a difference between Proove and other companies who just offer drug metabolism genetic testing. Doctors can clearly see the difference.”

Matthews became the first authorized distributor to exceed a million dollars in annual commissions. After years of success, Joe is now the Vice President of Market Development at Proove Biosciences. Watching the company grow, Mathews reflected on the challenges in the early days. “When we started, there were many more challenges. Naturally, we made mistakes. The good news is that it is easy to teach others the business now,” explained Matthews. In the past, there was a larger discrepancy among the sales staff who had success and those who fell short of expectations. “Many sales representatives did not work the business properly. When I started, many reps were focused on test volume instead of reimbursements. As we matured as a business unit, however, we were able to integrate more robust training into our sales program, thereby making it easier for more sales representative to succeed.”

Greg Schaefer, an independent sales representative from Kentucky, emerged as another success story that reflects the unique opportunities at Proove Biosciences. “I was introduced to Proove in 2013,” said Schaefer. “For the first time in my small business’s history, I felt as though I had a partner who truly differentiated themselves from the competition—not only in personalized medicine, but also in the genetic testing field.” The ability for Proove Biosciences to differentiate itself in the marketplace is helping newer sales representatives achieve success more quickly. “I closed more than 25 accounts over the last couple of years—and the physicians within those accounts have ordered more than 35,000 tests. This is exciting because patients receive better care and doctors gain added trust from their patients,” explained Schaefer. “As for myself, earning more than $350,000 during the first 18 months appears to be only the beginning. I am very proud to be a part of the Proove team and represent such an amazing company and product line.”

As the company begins the year with record sales, newer sales representatives are finding it easy to experience high levels of success. In 2015, Eric Hansen joined the company with his distributorship. Within the first few months, Hansen signed several leading hospitals in the Orange County and Los Angeles area. As Hansen started with a handful of big accounts, he was able to develop a promising pipeline that looks good for future business. With a business model that provides value to both patients and doctors, Hansen believes that he has everything he needs to succeed. “Proove provides great support, which makes it easier to close large accounts like hospitals, orthopedic surgery practices, and other specialty providers.” As the first quarter comes to a close, the future looks bright for the rest of 2016—and for many of the company’s independent sales representatives. “I am so excited about what the future holds,” exclaimed Hansen.

Expansion of Full-Times Sales Representatives
Proove Biosciences is expanding its full-time sales staff as part of its nationwide expansion efforts. Building on its success in Southern California, the company is looking to attract talented sales representatives in Chicago, Baltimore, Atlanta, and many other areas across the nation. Proove is looking for entrepreneurial sales representatives who can work with minimal supervision in a field-based position to drive sales growth in testing, physician and institutional relationships, account management, and clinical research expansion. For more information on sales opportunities with Proove, please contact Michelle Burt at mburt(at)proove(dot)com.