Post-Operative Orthopedic Surgery Study Using Precision Medicine Platform Published in the Journal of Medical Case Reports Demonstrates How Proove Profiles Are Used to Improve Outcomes

IRVINE, Calif.March 15, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Proove Biosciences, Inc. announces publication of a case study in the peer-reviewed Journal of Medical Case Reports. This study, A Case Report Describing a Precision Medicine Approach to a Patient with Unresolved Pain Following Orthopedic Surgeryunderscores the benefits of using Proove precision medicine technology – analyzing genetic, clinical, lifestyle and other data through predictive analytics – to assist in accurately guiding clinicians toward more effective treatment decisions.

“Building on the studies supporting the accuracy of Proove’s technology published in the journals SciencePainHuman Molecular GeneticsJournal of Psychiatric Research, and others, we are pleased to add one of our many successful case studies to this body of peer-reviewed published evidence,” says Proove’s Director of R&D, Dr. Svetlana Kantorovich. “Led by one of our orthopedic collaborators, Dr. David Gazzaniga of the Hoag Orthopedic Institute, this peer-reviewed case study shows how Proove’s precision profiles analyzing pain perception, opioid risk, opioid response and more, come together in the hands of a clinician to improve outcomes.”

In this study, researchers report on a 54-year-old female who suffered from uncontrolled chronic pain, following an accident.  Despite receiving a knee-replacement surgery, the pain remained and she was subsequently labeled a “drug seeker”. With Proove’s technology, Dr. Gazzaniga and his team realized that the patient was at low risk of opioid use disorder, had moderately low pain sensitivity, and a genotype that was incompatible with favorable response to her current medications. Following treatment changes guided by Proove profiles, the patient’s uncontrolled pain was resolved, her function and quality of life improved, and the costs of care dropped substantially. 

According to Dr. Gazzaniga, “Proove’s state-of-the-art profiles proved to be incredible indicators of individualized pain, and strong drivers of the most effective and least harmful treatment options. The resulting information was used to improve treatment decisions and outcomes.”  Proove CEO Brian Meshkin, states “We’re proud that our award-winning research continues to be validated through peer-reviewed publications, and most importantly in the lives of individual patients.  In 2017, our tremendous research engine will be publishing many more peer-reviewed publications demonstrating the solid evidence behind Proove’s technology.”